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Launch Your Next Event in 30 Seconds For Less Than $2/Day!


It's Simple...

  1. Become a Member.

  2. Login into our Event Library.

  3. Choose the Type of Event.

  4. Choose the Topic of the Event.

  5. Select the Contacts you'd like to receive our automated promotions.

  6. Launch the Event with a single click of a button.

In seconds, you've launched an Event that is fully done-for-you, fully replicated and personalized to you, fully customizable, AND all the promotion you need to get people in the seats is fully automated and scheduled on your behalf!

"The Costco of Christian Content!" 

Holiday Specific Campaigns

Christian Marketing Solution will make it easy to show up on holy days and liturgical seasons throughout the year because all of the content for these special occasions can be deployed in seconds. Whether you launch a 5 email and 10 social media series on Advent or Christmas social media blitz, touching the life and heart of those in need during the holidays has never been easier.  

  • Help people understand the significance of holy days and liturgical seasons

  • Builds a deeper connection with God

  • Keeps your ministry on the mind of your audience

  • Creates massive engagement


Honor With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Regular Newsletters And Educational Communications

Remain on the mind of your audience with data-driven email and text communications on various topics including 10 Remarkable Women, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Top 10 Leadership Skills, Living the Virtuous Life, Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins, and so much more. You control the topic and frequency and then you can set it and forget it. Watch what happens when your audience starts thanking you for the regularity of educational and inspirational emails.

  • Help people understand the importance of faith

  • Save hours each month

  • Be out of sight, but on the mind of your patients

  • Build your email and texting list with value-based educational offers

  • Open doors with other leaders in the community

Educate With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Events and Webinars

Education-based content marketing and consistent messaging is extremely important to draw the world into a deeper relationship with God. With Christian Marketing Solution, you will be able to fully automate the marketing for your in-person workshops and virtual webinars in less than 10 seconds including email marketing, social media, text message, print resources, event registration, and more. Workshops and webinars have never been easier for Faith Leaders.

  • Get local press with regular events and webinars

  • Create a powerful network of other local faith leaders

  • Build a video content library by recording your events and webinars

  • Dramatically improve the overall experience of your following

  • Establish yourself as an expert and an authority


Host With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Appreciation Experiences

Your goal should be to build a following that allows your audience to feel like they are “part of something.” One of the basic human needs is a sense of belonging and hosting appreciation experiences is the best way to achieve this desired outcome. Christian Marketing Solution is filled with fun, festive, and creative ideas and strategies that you can deploy with one click of a button in order to fully automate the messaging of your next appreciation experience.

  • Deploy a fun event that leaves people yearning for more

  • Perfect opportunity to raise money for a cause

  • Get tons of local press and attention

  • Dramatically improve the overall experience for your audience

  • Create strategic relationships with local influencers

Appreciate With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Outreach & Referral Programs

What is better than referrals as a Faith Leader? No answer needed as we all know that referrals are the absolute ideal way to grow your following. This is why Christian Marketing Solution will help you attract more of the RIGHT people with our proven, simple, and automated referral marketing strategies that you can deploy in seconds. 

  • Automated emails, texts, social, and print resources to build awareness

  • Fun and creative ways to generate referrals

  • Motivation for your members to pay it forward, increasing overall engagement

  • Expands your reach with the RIGHT people

  • Makes asking for referrals frictionless, non-confrontational, and team-driven.


Refer With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Online Faith Challenges

Christian Marketing Solution is committed to introducing proven marketing and messaging strategies for Faith Leaders that you might not have tried in the past, but they will revolutionize your following in the present and future. Faith Challenges are the perfect way to create a sense of community online while challenging each member to complete a 7-day, 14-day, or even 40-day Faith Challenge via social media and email. 

  • Fully automate your challenge in seconds

  • Increase member engagement, leading to increased outreach

  • Fun and playful way to bring awareness around faith

  • #1 one way to increase engagement on various social platforms

  • Stay top of mind with your following

Challenge With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Regular Social Media Content

Social media marketing has become extremely time-consuming for Faith Leaders and often is not done consistently as a result. With Christian Marketing Solution, your social media education and inspiration can be automated in seconds a month. We have a library of proven social media posts and captions for all social channels that your team can deploy in one shot for an extended period of time. Social media marketing has never been easier for Faith Leaders!

  • Become consistent with your social media education

  • Increase engagement on all social channels

  • Have your members and community talking about your content

  • Expand your reach

  • 100% team driven in less than 5 minutes a month!


Be Social With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution

Print Assets And Presentations

Yes, digital marketing is important, but let’s not neglect the tried and true print education that is an essential ingredient for every Faith Leader. Christian Marketing Solution has a library filled with posters, save-the-date cards, press releases, powerpoint presentations, scripts, and more to ensure that you are showing up in real life with the resources needed to educate and inspire your current and prospective following. 

  • Extremely well-researched content in print form

  • Presentations that are built to engage and inspire with research-based scripts

  • Print materials that will start dialogues

  • Opportunities to gain local media press.

  • Saves dozens of hours each month

Print With Ease With Christian Marketing Solution


“I have been an international speaker, author, radio and television personality for over 15 years, and I have never seen a simpler and more effective marketing tool for faith leaders. Christian Marketing Solution is the future of all faith-based marketing!”


Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

sablan 1.jpg

“My reach just went global because of CMS! I’m like a kid in a candy store! This is a game changer for all of us in the Christian world. I can launch education email series and webinars in seconds and I don’t have the burden of writing the actual content or all the promotion. Now I can focus on the delivery and make it my own! This is a gold mine for our ministry and increases our ability to cast nets and lead souls to Christ.”​

John Sablan

Founder and President of World Ablaze


CMS solves the biggest problem in the church -- communication! The SIMPLICITY AND AFFORDABILITY of the platform levels the playing field for Faith Leaders like me saving us time, money, and stress so we can focus on what we are truly passionate about: DISCIPLESHIP!

Kelly Nieto

Speaker & Executive Producer

of Cross & Light

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the life-saving message of Jesus Christ with a billion people, drawing them into a deeper relationship with God, the source of true peace, purpose, and happiness by supporting 1,000,000 Faith Leaders through Consistent Educational, Relationship-based, Christ-centered Messaging.


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