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WHY do we do, what we do?

Before the Ascension, Jesus gave his Apostles one command: Go And Make Disciples of All Nations! Most Faith Leaders understand this directive but are struggling to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of the cost, complexity, and time needed to build and implement an annual content messaging strategy.

Christian Marketing Solution is the answer to your prayers! We provide a simple, affordable and practical SOLUTION to help pastors and faith leaders consistently engage their people with an annual Christ-centered messaging strategy that inspires and equips those in their community and reaches out to those who have left the church. 

HOW will we deliver on our why?

Christian Marketing Solution houses all the content and all the functionality you need to market, engage, educate, and inspire your following in one simple and affordable dashboard.


We also automate the entire process for you. Launch a month's worth of content and promotion in 10 seconds. Or better and implement a 365-day marketing and messaging strategy in one hour. Push-button technology has never been so easy!


Simplicity, affordability & automation allows you to focus on what you are passionate about: DISCIPLESHIP!

WHAT benefits do you gain?

Many Faith Leaders we talk to struggle with the fact that they know what they need to do to consistently engage and inspire their flock, but they can't find the time to do it on their own or the money to hire copywriters, designers, and a technical staff to automate the process.

We created Christian Marketing Solution to make content marketing simple, fun and affordable so you can stop stressing over expensive, complex technologies and focus on the job God designed you to do. Allow Christian Marketing Solution to become your virtual marketing department and watch the stress melt away.

WHO is the ideal person to join Christian Marketing Solution?

All Faith Leaders who want to mobilize the life-saving message of Jesus Christ to their flock.

Whether you're a radio host, teacher, or a podcast personality, you will find our content the perfect way to supplement the great work you're already doing. It's also the perfect way to build your brand as a speaker, author, musician, radio, and television host. Increase your following by consistently deploying engaging, educational and relationship-based content marketing.

The VISION of what is possible!

God wants his world back, and we are here to help make that happen! If we can create a distribution system that connects to a billion people, then we can change the world! Our vision is to proclaim the Gospel with the zeal and passion of the first Apostles on Pentecost by implementing the best practices and technology of secular marketing to mobilize the message of Jesus Christ! 


We are the missing piece of the Christian Messaging Strategy: the simplest most affordable platform this side of heaven. Truly an answer to the prayers of the faithful!


“I have been an international speaker, author, radio and television personality for over 15 years, and I have never seen a simpler and more effective marketing tool for faith leaders. Christian Marketing Solution is the future of all faith-based marketing!”


Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

sablan 1.jpg

“My reach just went global because of CMS! I’m like a kid in a candy store! This is a game changer for all of us in the Christian world. I can launch education email series and webinars in seconds and I don’t have the burden of writing the actual content or all the promotion. Now I can focus on the delivery and make it my own! This is a gold mine for our ministry and increases our ability to cast nets and lead souls to Christ.”​

John Sablan

Founder and President of World Ablaze


CMS solves the biggest problem in the church -- communication! The SIMPLICITY AND AFFORDABILITY of the platform levels the playing field for Faith Leaders like me saving us time, money, and stress so we can focus on what we are truly passionate about: DISCIPLESHIP!

Kelly Nieto

Speaker & Executive Producer

of Cross & Light

Our Mission

Our mission is to make marketing and messaging simple, affordable, and predictable for 1,000,000 non-tech savvy Faith Leaders so that TOGETHER, we can IGNITE the hearts of a billion people from around the world.



Christian Marketing Solution Is Proud To Support Various Faith Leaders And Influencers By Collaborating With The Following:


Allow Christian Marketing Solution to become your Virtual Marketing Department so you can stay in your zone of genius and do what God intended you to do! 

Kelly Nieto, Co-Founder CMS, Producer of Cross and Light